White Paper Pitch


Empowering consumers to make sustainable and ethical purchasing decisions


Impactwala is a tool that enables ethical living; by providing its consumers with information - at the point of purchase - on the environmental, health, social and economic impacts of products and services. The initiative will lead the world in sustainable and ethical consumption by providing citizens with impact information that will be generated from a wide array of information and compiled with the help of latest information technology. The intention is to enable businesses in producing sustainably and ethically by creating demand through informing consumers.

Impactwala team is passionate about bringing product impact information to consumers in the most convenient ways so that they can make more informed decisions. The idea was conceived 10 years ago, and now with the availability of data technology to process it, it has become feasible to scale the project.

The team is committed to promote sustainable living in India and globally.

The Concept

Consumer purchasing behaviour is increasingly driven by product information. It has been noted that consumers are demanding for information on the impacts of the products that they purchase. Presently, such information is sparse and distributed which makes it difficult for consumers to assimilate and base their purchase decisions on it.

The Impactwala initiative builds upon the existing policy and legislative framework of Government of India under the National Environmental Policy, 2006. The policy mandates the formation of an information platform for real time data on sustainability for consumer goods, and ecolabeling which is the core focus of Impactwala.

As an autonomous institute, Impactwala will provide comprehensive and independent impact ratings for multiple categories of products; similar to the BEE’s (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) energy rating labels on electric products. Detailed product information along with the impact rating will be presented to consumers on the Impactwala website/mobile application that will enable consumers to purchase from existing e-commerce portals such as FlipKart and Amazon. The Impactwala ratings will be generated by utilising data from multiple sources, including but not limited to data on products, companies, brands, research journals, government data sources, independent research institutes, and international rating agencies.

Through Impactwala, India will lead the world towards sustainable development. In order to meet national and global obligations it is imperative that, at this stage of development, goods and services are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. Impactwala will enable individuals from diverse backgrounds and preferences to be able to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives which will further encourage businesses to engage in sustainable production. It is in this way that Impactwala helps fulfil the Sustainable Development Goal 12 that stands for sustainable consumption, production, use, and disposal of goods and services.